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    5 Great Weekend Escapes from LA

    For many, Los Angeles is a dream destination in and of itself. And it’s not hard to understand why. From the beautiful beaches to the vibrant night life, from the world class restaurants and shopping to the lure of celebrity sightings … there’s a lot going on in LA and there are plenty of reasons […] Read more…

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    10 Places to Explore in Canada

    Today marks Canada’s 147th birthday and as a proud Canadian, I’m ready to celebrate! Canada means everything to me – it’s a land of peace, kindness and opportunity that every day, I’m grateful to call home. Read more…


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    Eat: Sugarfina

    If you’re a kid at heart and have a secret, insatiable sweet tooth, it’s a safe bet to say that you’re going to adore Sugarfina.  Read more…

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    Eat: Elsa, Monte Carlo Beach

    While spending a few lovely days in Monte Carlo, I enjoyed dinner at Elsa, a wonderful, stylish, gourmet restaurant inside the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel. Read more…


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    2014 Tech + Travel Holiday Gift Guide

    10 gift ideas for the tech-savvy frequent traveler on your holiday shopping list: 1 iPad Air 2 I loved my first iPad so much that even when newer versions came out, I didn’t feel the need to upgrade. The original iPad was such a game-changer on the tech scene – I felt pretty lucky just […] Read more…

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    7 Travel Beauty Essentials For the Girl on the Go

    Packing your bags for a getaway is always fun. Except for the part where you have to lay out all the things you want to take and then cut it in half, assuming you follow this age-old sage adage (try saying that five times fast). This piece of generally accepted travel wisdom applies to everything […] Read more…


  • 1992: Our study abroad group wrapped up the experience with a weekend in Paris.

    White House Travel Blogger Summit on Global Citizenship and Study Abroad

    I was recently invited to the White House to attend the White House Travel Blogger Summit on Global Citizenship and Study Abroad. To say that this was an honour and the highlight of my year would be a gross understatement. The invitation came as part of a US government initiative to zero in on travel […] Read more…

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    Travel Well Designed Twitter Chat: Let’s Talk Los Cabos

    Welcome back to Travel Well Designed! If you’ve been following along, you know that my colleague Anne Taylor Hartzell of Hip Travel Mama and I have been hosting regular Twitter chats about travel and design. I hope you’ve participated in our lively chats and come away feeling inspired. This month, our #TravelWellDesigned chat will focus […] Read more…